ServicesImagePrecision Machine Inc. continues to support our customers through countless hours of value added effort. Each day we continue to focus on what customized solutions we can provide regardless of how simple or complex the requirements maybe.

Our added value is seen through our services in production solutions and development, multi-axis programming & machining, inventory management programs, workforce development and long-term partnership development.

Our specialties include:

We offer cutting edge CNC solutions for material processing, turning, and vertical machining of medium and large run projects. Our team of skilled professionals will provide extraordinary levels of customer service that will ensure the highest degree of product integrity. As a value added supplier we will manage your project with quality, on time delivery, and competitive pricing in the forefront of all we do.

To see a full printable equipment list, click here.


CNC Lathes (Options):

  • Live Tooling
  • Bar Puller & Bar Feeding
  • 4.50” Maximum Spindle Bore
  • 24” x 60” Maximum work envelope
  • All equipment are Mazak Models

CNC Lathe Models ( machines):

2014 Mazak Model Nexus 350M-II [Read More]

2013 Mazak Model Nexus 350MY-II [Read More]

2010 Mazak Model Nexus 350-II [Read More]

2001 Mazak Model QT-250 HP [Read More]

1997 Mazak Model QT-30 [Read More]

1996 Mazak Model QT-28 [Read More]

1994 Mazak Model QT28N Big Bore [Read More]

CNC Mills:

  • 4th & 5th Axis
  • 40 taper, 12,000 RPM, thru coolant spindle
  • Midaco Automated Pallet System
  • Renishaw Wireless Probing System
  • Side Mount Tool Changer
  • 30” on (Y) axis, 30” on (Z) axis, and 64” on (X) axis is maximum work envelope

CNC Mill Models ( machines):

2015 Haas UMC-750 SS (5 Axis) [Read More]

2014 Haas Model UMC-750 (5 Axis) [Read More]

(2) 2013 Haas Model VF-4SS [Read More]

2013 Haas Model VF-3SS [Read More]

Haas 4th Axis Rotary Turn Table Equipment [Read More]

(2) 2012 Haas Model VF-3SS [Read More]

(2) 2012 Midaco Pallet System Model A4020 SD [Read More]

2011 Haas Model VF-3SS [Read More]

2011 Haas Model VF-4SS [Read More]

2010 Haas Model VF-3SS [Read More]

2008 Haas Model VF-3 [Read More]

2007 Haas Model VF-3 [Read More]

2004 Haas Model VF-6 [Read More]

2014 Brother [Read More]

Material Processing Equipment:

  • 18” Diameter capacity
  • CNC operation
  • Manual operation
  • Fully programmable
  • 1.50” Blade
  • Variable Vise Pressure
  • Material Processing Models
    • (1)- 2004 Kalamazoo Model H-460 A

Product Integrity: 

  • Specialty packaging for finished products
  • Individual product identification
  • Material traceability
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Value Added Service compliance and traceability

Multi Axis Programming

MasterCAM Software [Read More]

Mazatrol Software [Read More]

Calypso Software [Read More]

IT Software

Jobboss Software [Read More]

Unipoint Software [Read More]