Our Quality Policy:

QualityImage1Precision Machine Inc is committed to achieving the highest levels of manufacturing and quality excellence.  We will relentlessly pursue a customer focused, management driven, and prevention based quality system.  Our focus and dedication to continuous improvement will be evaluation and enhancement of our quality system through key metrics that are measurable, visible, and challenging.

Our quality system is backed by quality employees, materials, equipment, methods and processes.

Our Vision Statement:

Precision Machine Inc will achieve manufacturing excellence through continuous improvement, employee education, and commitment to excellence. Our manufactured products will radiate quality and perfection while our customer service will provide dedication to every last detail.

The Client Experience:

Customers new or existing are treated with the same attention to detail and respect as we value long-term relationships. We take the time to get to know new customers and to see what ways we can help them because we understand the benefit of an above-satisfied client. As we work with our customers we look to solve problems with long term solutions so we can add value right up front. 

We have made it a priority to communicate with our customers by calling them instead of emailing as much as possible. We look to set up regular visits on site at the customer as well as welcoming our customers to come visit us regularly. I really think a large part of our success is due to our focus in growing the human elements of the corporate life.

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Continuous Improvement:

QualityImage3As a company we are focused on getting better every day. Continuous improvement activity takes tremendous amounts of effort and disciple to be successful at it and our staff has this concept figured out. We are not easily satisfied so it is natural for us to constantly challenge our systems, our team members, our suppliers, and our customers for better results. Improving on a constant and consistent basis is a mindset and we enjoy the challenges we face


Supplier Management:

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions:

Precision Certifications & Associations:

DSQR Certified (Customer Specific) [Read More]

Wisconsin Manufacturer of The Year (Award) [Read More]

NEW Manufacturing Alliance – Brighter Image Award 2013 [Read More]

Gulfstream A General Dynamics Company (Customer Specific) [Read More]

Quality Equipment

  • Carl Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Purchased new in 2008
    • (X) Travel is 40”
    • (Y) Travel is 48”
    • (Z) Travel is 24”
    • Scanning sensor system
    • VAST XXT TL1
    • RDS Head
    • (6) Position tool magazine
    • Calypso software
    • Calypso Curve software
    • Reverse engineering capabilities
    • STEP, DXF, & SAT file converters
    • Zeiss Certified Calibration Program